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Tapas Bars recommended by Holi-Rent

This list is firstly based on personal experiences and positive comments we have received from our guests after visiting the places we are about to refer. 


We hope this will also help you to enjoy even more the unforgettable experience of visiting such a singular city as Seville, where tradition and culture blend since immemorial times, and where the traveler joins with the city thanks to its monumental historical downtown and the warmth of its people.

Best regards from the Holi-Rent staff.



Not even the most baking heat would prevent tourists from visiting Seville. Walking at Sierpes street, crossing the Triana bridge and seeing the Torre del Oro reflected on the water or getting lost in the narrow streets of Santa Cruz neighbourhood is a festival for all your senses. There are boisterous people everywhere, living and eating with contagious joy. In order to enjoy Sevillian gastronomy, one must know the art of tapeo.




LAS GOLONDRINAS (Antillano Campos Street)
One of those old school places at Triana where you can have a great meal. One of the musts. The variety of its tapas is not very great, but it doesn’t really matter given the excellence of its products, which mark the difference with the rest of the establishments. It is important to get there early in order to have a sit.
House Specialty: Sirloin steak, mushrooms, and cuttlefish. 

It is one of the most curious bars in Seville as it keeps the essence of 50 years old wine caves. The ideal place for tasting a vino dulce (sweet wine) or a montadito de chacina (a cured pork small sandwich made of strong bread). The best of all, its atmosphere: you can breathe the old Seville, and, at the same time, feel a general joy. The rare thing is that they do not use dishes. Plates are presented on brown paper.

House Specialty: a muscatel wine glass.

Las Columnas is the name given by us, Sevillians, to la Bodega Santa Cruz, one of the most popular bars in the city. In addition, it is almost at the foot of the Giralda Tower, under a characteristic colonnade at the intersection between Rodrigo Caro and Mateos Gago streets.
House Specialty: Montaditos and paella. 

LA ANTIGUA BODEGUITA (Plaza del Salvador)
If you want to have a refreshing beer under a hot sun or the fresh breeze of night, there is no better place than Plaza del Salvador. This one is among the most typical bars.
Located in the downtown, this little bar has one of the best beers and a typical Andalusian tapas menu.
Here, the secret is not in the place, nor in the menu (beer and montaditos or small sandwiches), nor in its service (self-service at its maximum exponent). Here, the best grade goes to the people and the atmosphere of every single day, almost at any time, any day.
House Specialty: Anchovies in tomato sauce. 

Surrounded by orange trees and azahar scent, this bar has a single and unbeatable charm. This establishment is very small: its size makes it singular. There are several tapas to choose, among which the 'Especial de Lomo' montadito stands out. A delicatessen composed of pork steak, Iberian ham and whiskey sauce. The pringá montaditos (little sandwiches made of roast beek or pork) are also very good. To drink, you can choose between a very cold beer or some orange wine. Despite being next to the Giralda Tower and the Cathedral, prices are really affordable. A great decision.

House Specialty: Cheese wedges and spinach with chickpeas.

BODEGA 2 DE MAYO (Plaza de la Gavidia)
Eating tapas in the San Lorenzo neighborhood with the best company and a magnificent environment is possible.
Dos de Mayo is a typical Andalusian cave characterized by a menu full of tapas, montaditos, dressings and other delights which can be accompanied with excellent wines.
The look of this establishment achieves to catch the visitor due to its brightness, cleanliness and warmth. 


A classic among the bars of Seville. Often visited by young people, it is a good excuse to take a breath if you work in the historical downtown.
House Specialty: Montaditos and varied sandwiches. Spanish Tortilla.


EL RINCONCILLO (40 Gerona Street)
Entering here means to go back in time. It is one of those places in which everything reminds you of previous times. At the end, there is a hall where you can sit down to enjoy the meals. But on top of all I like the bar area where you are quickly enough served. The ham is very good (it could not be another way). The ham tortilla is spectacular, one of the things I most like of this place. But there are a lot of tapas and portions that deserve to be tasted. All this charm is enclosed by a perfect decoration and a good service.

House Specialty: Spinach with chikpeas and pavias (fried fish with red pepper). 


LOS COLONIALES (Jimios Street)
A very typical bar in Seville, located a few meters from the Giralda Tower. It doesn’t have an outdoor terrace, but it has an eating-room composed of two floors and a bar area at the ground floor which has also some tables. Pros: fresh products, a different daily tapa, the waiters and, on top of all, an unbeatable quality-cost relationship. Cons: sometimes you have to wait a lot of time; it is indispensable to write your name down on the board.
Recommendation: Aubergines with honey and Whiskey sirloin steak.